The eternal circle

What if profitability and sustainability are not a contradiction in terms? But a product? What if circular economy isn't just an idea? Is it a necessity? How circular economy can find ways to save the planet - when we are ready for it.

AUTHOR – Sven Heitkamp

Sven Heitkamp is a freelance reporter and copywriter from Leipzig. He discovers what innovations startups are working on and explores how large corporations work…


Is the binary age coming to an end? Are quantum computers really on the go? What are quanta anyway? And how will they change our world?

Space WWWarriors

How companies are fighting for digital supremacy in space. And what we can expect in the future, when the Internet is beamed in by satellite.

The new language of packages

Since when can packages talk with each other? And in what language? Since when can supply chains think? And can they also think ahead? With IoT, virtual reality and live reality are merging to form the New Reality. And what do we get out of it?

A Mechanical Revolution

How digital technologies are the driving force behind the transformation of companies.

Finance drives future

The automotive industry is undergoing rapid change. With innovation on the rise, the role of CFOs is also changing as they become new drivers of transformation. So how does this new role fit into the management team? What skills do they need? Let’s take a closer look.

Cooperating instead of commanding

Control or collaboration? empathy or efficiency? profit or purpose? What kind of leadership culture do companies need today, to stay successful in the future?

When values become deeds.

These days, every company has a code of values. But how are they being put into practice? Which values will take us forward into the next decade? And how are they changing now?

Goodbye Routine, Hello Crisis Mode!

Why surprises accelerate progress. Why emergency situations are no cause to panic. Why crises do not automatically lead to disaster. How "new normal“ becomes "better normal".

Time of the Gamechanger

Creative thinkers have never been more important than today.

What drives us?

There are still billions of vehicles with internal combustion engines on the road today. However, the end of fossil fuel-driven mobility is in sight.

Waste for Future

How new technologies turn electronic waste intovaluable raw materials.

Homo Digitalis

How digitalization will change our life, thinking and being.

LA Goes Electric

How Los Angeles wants to electrify large parts of its passenger and freight transportation systems.

How progress changes the world.

Is the world on the brink? Have we ever had it better than today? Using statistics to travel through human history gives us an insight into the state of the world.

Moving in the Right Circles

How real-time integrated IT reduces the number of development stages, saves time and reduces production costs.

Easy Rider 2030

Are the new electric motorcyclists pioneers of their time? Or are they causing biker anxiety? A new era of mobility evokes emotions.


7 questions / 49 answers / 1 realization – we ask, 7 start-up entrepreneurs answer.

Conquering the Parallel World

How do digital twins transform our thinking, work and life?

Gamified Industry

Welcome to the next level, where the virtual world becomes reality. How businesses can benefit from the evolution of the gaming industry.

All Power to the Customer?

With the advent of big data, artificial intelligence and digital technologies, we now have more knowledge about customers than ever before.

Denmark and digitalization

So how have the Danes managed what many Germans dream of – and what many people are distrustful of?

A Blockchain Odyssey

Do blockchains really have what it takes to turn entire markets upside down and create new ecosystems?

Are algorithms better headhunters?

Human resources is undergoing a groundbreaking change.

The miracle of logistics

How intelligent systems deliver goods to homes around the world.

Factory of the unique

Will individuality become the new benchmark for the Industry of the future? Already today, intelligently connected processes enable the mass production of unique pieces.

The road ahead

Where is automated driving taking us? Plotting a route to 2020 and 2030.

The Adventure of Excellence

A report on excellence as a motto of life - with football coach Jürgen Klinsmann, concertmaster Natalie Chee and heart surgeon Shahriar Salehi-Gilani, M.D.

Man, these machines!

When will intelligent systems outstrip human capabilities?

Who does the future belong to?

Five countries, five truths, five visions: Why it’s important to think about the world beyond the west.


In the near future, personal air taxis will redefine our concept of mobility and take freedom to new heights.

The true value of values

The story of a modern Bavarian business with values many centuries old. Told through nine questions…


For our employees, business partners, and anyone thinking about the future of our world…

Smart citizens in a learning city

Like many of its counterparts all over the world, the city of San José strives to use digital technologies to make the lives of its citizens safer, more convenient, and more sustainable.

Freedom for robots

Unwieldy, heavy-duty robots enclosed in small cages are the dinosaurs of the automotive industry. But a new species is starting to populate our factories: the cobots.

For our employees, business partners, and anyone thinking about the future of our world

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