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For our employees, business partners, and anyone thinking about the future of our world: The society we live in is in the midst of a change that will define our age and open up unprecedented opportunities to improve living conditions. But this change will also bring challenges.

Our mobility, our manufacturing processes, our use of natural resources – virtually all areas of our day-to-day lives will be affected by this global transformation. Concepts that were once utopian ideas and visions will morph into feasible solutions for the challenges of our time. expedition2025 was created as a platform to share ideas for the future – occupying a space between science and the economy, between progress and responsibility. We see an opportunity to use this change to drive improvement and move forward – and we believe that technological change will eventually benefit not just industry, but all citizens of our world. We will explore our objective yet optimistic outlook in regular reports on future trends, without turning a blind eye to the challenges that progress brings. In partnership with renowned experts and journalists, we want to anticipate new business opportunities and encourage people to think differently – and to create a sense of optimism about what the future holds. We are MHP, the leading business and technology partner helping to shape the future in the mobility and manufacturing ecosystems. We are pioneers, enablers, and partners for success at the interface between strategy, technology, and industrial production. Business-to-business, end-to-end, and face-to-face.

If you have any questions or comments, or would like to share your views on any of the topics we have covered, please contact us.

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