Steffan Heuer

Steffan Heuer let go of his fear of robots and drones long ago. From his base in San Francisco, he has been observing how the pioneers, inventors, and entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley have been the driving forces behind the digitalization of our world over the past 20 years, and witnessing the effects of technological innovations – from virtual assistants to the mobility of the future – on our economy and society. 
His reports and analyses have appeared in a number of publications, including economics magazine brand eins (part of the portfolio belonging to Swiss newspaper the Neue Zürcher Zeitung), The Economist, and the MIT Technology Review. 
Heuer is particularly interested in the long-term effects of big and small data. His guide to data protection and digital self-defense in the modern age, published under the title “Mich kriegt ihr nicht!” (Murmann Publishers, Hamburg; English title ““Fake It!: Your Guide to Digital Self-Defense”) has been published in three editions and four languages.

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In the near future, personal air taxis will redefine our concept of mobility and take freedom to new heights.

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Do blockchains really have what it takes to turn entire markets upside down and create new ecosystems?

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