Sven Heitkamp

Sven Heitkamp is a freelance reporter and copywriter from Leipzig. He discovers what innovations startups are working on and explores how large corporations work. He researches societal trends and family histories, and writes for the Sächsische Zeitung, brand eins, Focus Spezial, Öko-Test, Porsche Consulting magazine, and other corporate publications. Born in 1968 in Bremen, Heitkamp studied history in Hamburg and went on to learn the ropes as an editor in Leipzig before working as a state politics reporter in Dresden. Since 2000, he has worked in various locations across Germany, writing as a freelance journalist for a number of newspapers and magazines.

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Cooperating instead of commanding

Control or collaboration? empathy or efficiency? profit or purpose? What kind of leadership culture do companies need today, to stay successful in the future?

Moving in the Right Circles

How real-time integrated IT reduces the number of development stages, saves time and reduces production costs.

Gamified Industry

Welcome to the next level, where the virtual world becomes reality. How businesses can benefit from the evolution of the gaming industry.

Freedom for robots

Unwieldy, heavy-duty robots enclosed in small cages are the dinosaurs of the automotive industry. But a new species is starting to populate our factories: the cobots.

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