Harald Willenbrock

Harald Willenbrock

Harald Willenbrock, a Hamburg-based copywriter and author, is a member of the brand eins editorial team, a co-founder and co-managing editor of outdoor magazine WALDEN, an author at GEO, A&W, NZZ-Folio, and others, as well as a corporate copywriter for brands such as BMW, Duravit, Porsche, and COR. 

Photo credit: Jens Umbach

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New Thinking

The 100 percent risk

The business risk of becoming a victim of a cyber attack is 100%. Does that mean there is no effective protection against digital attacks? What can companies do to defend themselves anyway? And which IT security strategy makes the most sense?

New thinking

The eternal circle

What if profitability and sustainability are not a contradiction in terms? But a product? What if circular economy isn't just an idea? Is it a necessity? How circular economy can find ways to save the planet - when we are ready for it.

New thinking

Goodbye Routine, Hello Crisis Mode!

Why surprises accelerate progress. Why emergency situations are no cause to panic. Why crises do not automatically lead to disaster. How "new normal“ becomes "better normal".

New thinking

Time of the Gamechanger

Creative thinkers have never been more important than today.


What drives us?

There are still billions of vehicles with internal combustion engines on the road today. However, the end of fossil fuel-driven mobility is in sight.

New thinking

The true value of values

The story of a modern Bavarian business with values many centuries old. Told through nine questions …


The road ahead

Where is automated driving taking us? Plotting a route to 2020 and 2030.

New thinking

Homo Digitalis

How digitalization will change our life, thinking and being.


Conquering the Parallel World

How do digital twins transform our thinking, work and life?