Olaf Deininger

Olaf Deininger

The business journalist and digital expert looks back on many years of experience in leading positions, including Editor-in-Chief of the "handwerk magazin" (2014 to 2020) in Munich, Head of Development at Deutscher Landwirtschaftsverlag (Munich), Editor-in-Chief at Deutscher Sparkassenverlag in Stuttgart, and Creative Director/Chief of Development at the Internet agency PopNet (Hamburg). Olaf Deininger is co-editor of the Digital Publishing Report (digital-publishing-report.de, writes for business and trade media, holds keynotes and gives workshops and webinars. He publishes strategy studies, market overviews on media development, business software and IT solutions. In February, together with Hendrik Haase, he published the book "Food Code - How we keep control over our food in the digital world", which presents and analyzes the second digitalization in the food industry.

His website: www.olaf-deininger.de


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